Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

My name is Inna, sounds like Ee-nah.
When you say Hi Inna, it sounds like Hyena.
I’m married to the best man on earth, Vitaliy, and together we like to build and renovate homes.
Four years ago, at 12 am, my husband and I were chop sawing door trim in our soon to be home as our one year old slept in his little bassinet nearby. We were exhausted, tired but oh so excited! After touring a few homes, we decided to take a risk and buy a property and build completely on our own without a builder. I was 20 and Vitaliy was 23. We’ve never built before but with lots (and lots) of prayer, we bit the bullet and broke ground.
We haven’t stopped curating ever since.
Just recently we bought a dilapidated home which we plan to renovate along with a few lots for new builds and our forever home. Follow along our journey as we break down, fix, build anew, and design! (Oh and I’ll probably cry a ton too.)
A few more fun facts:
2. Black and white are my favorite interior colors. Gold and green are my second favorite.
3. I’m obsessed with a good book.
A few favorites is anything by CS Lewis but especially Screwtape Letters and the Narnia series.
Oh and definitely any of Tolkien’s work, The Hobbit, LOTR, and Children of Hurin. I also love the classics like Jane Eyre, and North and South.
(I can go on and on about books.)
4. I’m currently redesigning our fixer and looking for plans for our next build that we hope to start in the next few months.
5. I have the hottest husband in the world who is an absolute dream.
6. A little 5 year old cutie and 2 year old toddler call me mom and changed my life forever.
7. I love and am loved by Jesus.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and taking a look! I hope you can learn what not to do and be inspired as well!