DOORS! I love them! They have the power to seriously transform your space. One of the biggest flops a person can make when renovating a space is forgetting about the doors. There’s nothing like a gorgeous room with an ugly dinged up door welcoming you in. So what can we do to ensure a beautiful door?
I learned that there are 3 easy steps to transforming your doors!

First, let’s look at the before:

Pretty dinky right?

Now by trim, I don’t mean trimming them. I mean TRIMing them. Adding some gorgeous trim to them with surely make them pop! Check out the panels on your door. Do you have a 6 panel door? A 3 panel? Regardless what kind of door you have you can definitely play it up with some trim! Go to your local millwork supplier, or check out the ReStore for some long enough pieces. Measure them up and cut them out to fit the individual panels on your doors. If it’s 6 panels, then install 6 small shadow boxes around them. If it’s 3, then install 3 shadow boxes. You get the idea. This will TRANSFORM your doors and make anyone think that they were custom ordered for your home. And once you get the hang of it, the sawing and gluing onto your doors will become second nature.

(TIP: If you’re lucky enough to have larger panels on your doors, definitely go buy some fun and elegant inlays! They are a breeze to install, seriously just some wood glue, and they will add so much drama to your doors, you’ll squeal with excitement!) Like these here:


Paint is your greatest weapon for gorgeous doors. Whether or not you decide to trim up your doors, paint will definitely do the trick! Even if you’re simply touching up the paint, it will still make the room feel fresher and newer just by having a stain free, freshly painted door to walk through. What I did here was go bold and geez does it make an impact! I went with a lacquer black sherwin Williams Tricorn Black and now they easily tie the whole space together. But keep in mind, you can use any color and finish you like, as long as it will help tie in the whole room.


This is probably one of my favorite tips! Okay maybe all three are my favorite but this one is a must! GET SOME BEAUTIFUL DOOR KNOBS AND HARDWARE! If I had it my way, I would probably blow our whole reno budget for door knobs. Luckily my husband is the head of reason in our home so I didn’t BUT I did find some beautiful alternatives.

These little details all add up and can make or break a space!

And now it’s time to go all googly eyed on these gorgeous door knobs. 😍😍

From blah to wow, you can make your room shine with beautiful new doors but without the cost of a brand new door!

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