Elegant Tablescapes in 4 Easy Steps

It’s a warm, spring evening. You sit down behind a beautiful blue and white plate set, lay a soft blue napkin on your lap, breathe in the mixed aromas of flowers and bread, and smile at the pretty place setting holding your name. Suddenly your food tastes better, the conversations seem livelier, and everyone’s smiles seem brighter. Flowers, pretty dishes, and the thought that your host cared enough to decorate makes your evening. I definitely experience that every time I’m face to face with a beautifully set up table. Whether it’s set up for guests or simply to stage your home, a beautiful table is bound to put up a smile to everyone’s face.

Now I know what you’re thinking, who has the time and money just to set up a table? But what if I told you it only took me 20 minutes to set up and cost under $30?

All it takes is following along the steps listed below, utilizing what you already have in your cupboards, and a splash of creativity!

There are a bunch of rules on the web that state the correct way to layer your utensils and whatnot. I tossed those rules out the window and put together things I loved. There was one rule I did follow however.. which brings me to step 1:

  • Decorate according to the season or occasion

A pretty tablescape should match the season or occasion you are in. I have never seen a Christmas tablescape in July, but then again I hope I never will.

For this tablescape, I wanted to stage my table in a fresh Spring/ Easter theme. I didn’t want the pink and green bunnies, so I went for elegance that was still colorful enough to depict the Easter holiday. The flowers were picked from my backyard as a nod to Spring, tying the season in with the table.

  • Find a piece you love and go from there

I fell in love with the blue and white bowls, so I decided to use them as my jumping off point. I stood in the store and played around with different plates and napkins and accessories until I liked what I saw. Mixing in different shades of blue allowed me to incorporate the pieces I already had at home into one cohesive set. The splashes of color from the flowers and egg holders added a sense of playfulness!

  • Make it green

Flowers, bushes, or tree branches, whatever greenery you can get your hands on, you should utilize on your table! Few things can give you that fresh, happy feeling than greens and flowers. I don’t know why, but I always feel that the food is tastier when I have a pretty dogwood branch in front of me. And don’t forget to go clipping outside, it’s free!

  • Have plenty of layers and textures

Don’t just put your plates on a bare table. Jazz it up with textured plate settings! Add a layer of bowls or tea plates on top with pretty napkins. Finish off with an element of surprise such as personal flowers or cute place holders. This specific tablescape has a lot of layers and textures. Here we have woven plate settings with the criss-cross plates and colorful bowls, paired with fringed soft napkins, ceramic egg holders, and delicate flowers. It’s fun, looks full, and ties all together thanks to the similar color scheme.

That’s about it! You would be surprised how easily 20 minutes and 30 dollars later, a transformed tabletop can plant a smile on your face!

Thank you for visiting and I hope you are enjoying transforming your house into a home!



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