Anyone anywhere can recognize that quintessential parisian style. The herringbone parquet floors, wall paneling, detailed moldings, floor to ceiling windows, and so much more!

I fell in love with the Haussmann period French interiors a while back but always felt like that style was too far out of my reach. I felt that if I didn’t live in the 9th arrondissement, then I didn’t have the right to incorporate its design for myself.

But as I have come to find out, I was wrong. I once read a wonderful article where the designer was encouraging everyone to design their home in the style THEY want. And isn’t that the beauty in design? A homeowner making their home into their own little oasis. Once I came to that conclusion, I decided to start designing my home how I like and not to the comments of others. No I do not live in Paris but I can sure as heck pretend I do. Our fixer is being renovated with both parisian and georgian influences. Our first home was a french country design with hints of Haussmann era design. Am I nailing the french feel perfectly? No of course not. But there are hints of it enough to make me feel parisian enough. No matter the budget, if you really want to achieve this look, you definitely can!

So how can we incorporate that French feeling into our homes when not all of us can afford the boiserie, or intricate wood paneling, and plasterwork and floor to ceiling windows?

  1. First, make sure the room you want to redo has a lot of natural light.

Many of the Parisian apartments are flooded with beautiful, natural light thanks to their floor to ceiling windows. What we can do is find a room that has a bunch of beautiful natural light. It can be a dining room, master bedroom, office, you name it.

2. Play up your home’s original architecture and detailing while adding more!

Are there any arches or moldings in your home? How about chair rails? Whatever your home already has, play it up! If you have a chair rail in your dining room, simply add shadow boxes above and below the chair rail. You’ll be amazed what a difference it will make. If you want to go the extra mile, find some decorative onlays. You can buy ones that are designed for furniture or wall trim, and all you have to do is glue them into the corners of your wall paneling. Your room that is flooded with natural light now has beautiful trimwork. Are you feeling Parisian yet? has excellent examples of parisian elements in her home. I absolutely love her home and style! Her trim work is phenomenal and her use of colors is absolutely perfect! Look at how luxe those shadow boxes made the room. You definitely get that French feel when looking at her home.

3. Intricate mirrors! Especially gold mirrors!

Almost every single Parisian apartment boasts a mirror. Whether they are above the fireplace, by the bed, slouching by the tub, they make a statement! If you want to save money, scour your estate sales and thrift stores! Find a pretty mirror and use a can of spray paint to get that gold look for extra French oomph!

Here’s a great option from Amazon!

4. Mix and Match!

A true parisian apartment has both traditional pieces paired with modern pieces. Mix and match both styles to your preference! An excellent example of this can be taken from

Quite frankly, this couple is ridiculously talented. Everything they touch turns to gold. They have a gorgeous room with beautiful trim and moldings paired with modern furniture and a modern light fixture. Which brings me to my next point…

5. Install a statement light fixture!

You can either buy a crystal chandelier or modern ceiling lamp. If a room is already beautifully done, the light fixture will only complement it and direct it into the direction you want it to go. Do you want it to feel more modern? Buy a modern light. More traditional? Install a traditional light. Either way, it will look gorgeous paired with the trim work and other elements we have listed above.


Another great example is from

Erin is another phenomenal designer and has immaculate style. This room is absolutely gorgeous and has many of the features listed above. From the beautiful trim work, to the gold mirror, to the fun light fixture! You definitely get that coveted parisian feel looking at this home.  



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You can definitely go all out with the parisian elements, or be more subtle; the choice is up to you. And don’t forget to thrift it up! The parisian look doesn’t have to be tremendously expensive! So whether this is a look you are obsessed over or perhaps you simply like one or two elements from it, embrace them to make your house feel like home!

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