Fixer and Current Home Update

Happy three weeks before Christmas! This holiday season has been kicked into overdrive for the Kovalinskiy household! And no, unfortunately, this year it’s not the shopping, card making, or party planning that is the culprit. It’s the fault of two houses and two overly ambitious crazies.

Slowly but surely I have been updating our blog with posts of our current home and DIYs. We’re hoping to finish it all up in the month of December, (we have 900 sq ft upstairs to close in and finish). Our next step will be to have it it listed for sale early January. It’s a very bittersweet feeling for me. I know we’re planning on building our “forever” home and moving to our dream location, but there is something so sweet and special about our first home. Vitalik and I grew so much in the last few years. Joseph and Zoey know only this one place as home. It was our first major project together as a couple. Vitalik suffered the loss of his brother within these walls. We switched churches and had many, many, MANY friends cross the door into our home. Each room was done and redone at least twice. I learned my likes and dislikes. Vitalik came to realize that he can do just about anything such as installing an a/c unit, building a fence, and a lot more.

Now if I were always this sentimental, things would never get done. Which is why we are trying to move at lightning speed. And it’s been lightning speed alright. Ever since we got the call about the fixer house and property, we ramped up the work upstairs. Walls have been installed, mudded and painted. We bought the floors, the vanity, and bathroom fixtures. Can lights and the bathroom light has been installed. The shower pan passed inspection and (fingers crossed) tile work will start within the next week.

However, the most exciting part of this whole process has been witnessing God’s hand working it all together. He’s been keeping our stress at bay. (A miracle for me and even for my mellow, happy-go-lucky husband.) Since we opened up a permit, we were basically scheduling everything according to the inspector. And inspectors are generally people who are very cut and dry and not the nicest of people. (As per our experience with our first home.) But y’all, our inspector has just been a blessing and he doesn’t even know it! He was willing to let Vitalik work on a few little issues that would have failed our inspection and came back on his way home to approve us. Another time, he just happened to stop by to see how we’re doing and passed us on our second inspection which allowed us to close up the walls. He has even admitted himself that he has never done that before and probably never will again but just felt like he should stop by. There are countless other stories similar to this one where we would pray and God would answer just like that. Now I know some of this seems so petty to most of you, but for us timing is critical. If we fail one inspection we will be behind at least a week because the inspection schedules are so booked up. Within that week, the people who have agreed to work on the house would have already found new work and we would be even more behind finding other workers which usually would take about a weeks time. Which hopefully explains why it was so awesome to have the inspector come when he did because one missed or failed trip results in a long delay. And a long delay results in a later listing date and a later listing date results in more headache for us. And did I forget to mention that he is behind a couple of DAYS every time we call him out because of the demand?

Phew, that was exhausting. Okay now that the upstairs is getting closer to the finish line, let me tell you about the fixer.

GUT JOB. Am I thankful we get this opportunity? Yes, of course. Do I wish I could just fast forward a couple of weeks ahead? Yes, of course. We are currently in the process of gutting which takes much longer than you see on HGTV. The majority of the carpet has been ripped out and the pipes have been moved, so we can take down a few more walls. The window in the kitchen has been removed which means we are one step closer to ordering a new kitchen! Yay! The brass bathroom fixtures have arrived along with some beautiful tile and light fixtures. But I am most excited to see the three domineering walls come down! Clear sight lines and an open feel has me more excited than Christmas morning! The kitchen design has been completed and y’all, I CAN’T WAIT TO SHOW YOU THE FINISHED PRODUCT! There will be white, black, and brass and just so many other pretty things! The laundry room is starting to shape up now that we have begun gutting it. (We’re installing a doggy shower!!) The bathroom tub has been installed and luckily the flooring in the bathrooms are pretty hexagon’s which saves us quite a bit of work! The only issue now is finding the right tile to compliment the original. But that is what I call the “fun part” of the project.

In addition to all we are doing at the houses, we are also researching different home plans and layouts to get a head start on our next build. Geez, even typing all of this blows me away. Yes, we are crazy for doing this with two little kids, but oh how exciting this season is! I am thankful every day to our Lord for allowing us to do this. We are so undeserving and yet he is so kind. One thing I noticed is how much peace and joy there is in simply trusting in his timing. I am so, so tempted to freak out when I look at my schedule alone yet God has taught me time and time again that everything is in his timing and that alone floods my heart in peace. And that lesson has been the best part of this whole journey so far. Learning more about our maker and seeing him at work so tangibly and realistically.

Okay, done! Now feast your eyes on the loads amount of work we still have left with our upstairs and fixer.