Master Bedroom

As I crawl into bed every night, I quietly thank God for the soft sheets, warm bed, and hot husband snoring right beside me. Our room is a little sanctuary from the crazy whirlwind that sweeps through the house every day. Like a little charm, it’s the extent I crave to be in at the end of the day. It could just be that I love my sleep, (especially after two babes), or it could be that the room has become the perfect place to unwind after a long day. I love to prop up on the pillows and read, drink a cup of tea, or just chat with my love.

Hopefully, that explains a little as to why I spent so much time perfecting it for my husband and I. It’s still not perfect, and very, very safe (design wise), but it makes me so, so happy!

The bed is from West Elm that we actually snagged at a West Elm outlet! Did you know those existed?!

The side tables are a from Home Goods. Would I buy them again? Probably not but they were the perfect find at the time when I still wasn’t sure what I liked.

The curtains are my favorite pieces in the room. Y’all noticing a trend yet? Curtains are always my favorite! They are a pleated Belgian linen with some heavy, white fabric sewed onto the bottoms to make them pool. (Thanks again, Mama!) The softer white are Belgian linens as well, adding a softness to the room and blurring the harsh sunlight beaming from behind.

The chandelier is from All Modern that I hoped would add a bit more of a modern feel to the formal walls.

The shadow boxes are probably my second favorite aspect of the room. My sweet husband cut and installed the wood as I glued on the decorative millwork onto the corners and center.

Everything else was found and thrown together from the usual Home Goods, thrift store, Tuesday Morning, or Target.

That’s about it! What room in your home is your favorite? Does the master bedroom make it on the list?