Master Bathroom

I had a problem of sorts. I would design and decorate a space but after a few months I grew tired of it and redesigned and redecorated. It drove my sweet husband crazy. Luckily I found my niche and stuck with it. Before I had my epiphany however, our poor bathroom was a victim. For starters, I covered the whole wall above the vanity with square mirrors, hung two see-through panels on thumbtacks over the window and painted the whole room a blinding white. Now I love white but it was too white. A few months rolled by and I started to hate how the mirrors looked. The corners began to chip and it looked mushed together instead of the polished RH look I was after. Similar to an ultimate pinterest fail. #Noididnotnailit I scoured the internet and home stores until finally two beautiful 4 ft mirrors came home with me. After removing the chipped mirrors and patching up the walls, my husband stepped in and installed the individual mirrors. (“For good!” he said. “We’re not changing them again!” he said.) But he had nothing to fear because I absolutely loved the look. Next change was the paint. The wainscoting around the tub and baseboards mysteriously changed into a blue gray color which I personally love. Even Vitalik was a fan! That was staying too.

For this next redo, I was not the instigator. The shower floor. When we were moving in we were tight on money and had to use whatever left over tile we had. It didn’t look bad but didn’t fit the space right. So my husband decided to redo the shower floor with real marble tile and golly I’m so glad he did! It looks soo much better than before.

Now to the window treatments! I replaced a pair of lanky curtains with a custom made box and shade that my mom and I, built, sewed, and put together. The bathroom finally flowed cohesively with a soothing, cool color palate and marble vanity and tile.

Did we learn our lesson to measure twice and cut once?

Yes. Yes we did.

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